Q is for Q

I am currently blogging, along with my dad, all the way through the alphabet. Check out how the idea started and get the rules here.

Yes, I’m serious.

What is it with the letter q? Honestly? Why is it that when the alphabet was made, it was made with a letter completely dependent on another letter? I looked through the dictionary. There are absolutely no q words without qu.

Everyone is a q. We all have something that we depend on, something we are very uncomfortable if we have to live without. They’re also called crutches by some people. So the question is, what is that thing? Finding out the things that we are dependent on can be very important because we realize what’s holding us back from being completely free.

I know what my biggest one is. It would be putting up walls. I’m not the biggest fan of admitting it, because admitting it in itself ruins the purpose of having them! But yes, that is the thing that I become very uncomfortable if I am left without it. These walls are fabulously constructed. A decade of working on them. Made of brick, painted brilliantly to dazzle anyone who happens to glance at them. And when someone gets through that wall without me allowing them to I become very uncomfortable. Reflexively, I want them out. I put up even more of a guard than I had in the first place. Sending in the troops to fight off the intruder.

That’s how I see myself. Kyra and her walls. Q and its u. And because I can admit this to myself, it is now my choice as to whether or not I continue to use them. I now have power over that. Maybe in my future I can release that, and there can finally be a just me. Not me and my walls, but just me. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? I think it would be.

It’s hard to confront our weaknesses, because in doing so we must admit that we have them. And that’s no fun, now is it? It’s far more fun to pretend that we are Super(wo)man with no kryptonite. We can tell this to ourselves all we want, but we’re only fooling ourselves. Living in falsehood.

Everyone has a “u”. That’s okay! It’s how we are. If we can address this and use our knowledge of it to work against it. Because unlike q, we don’t need a u. We were created to stand on our own as strong, independent individuals. We are all “q”s. The question we now must address is “what is my “U”?”

View my dad’s “Q” post here.


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  1. that was an incredible creative conept. i loved it!

  2. I like this, Kyra! This is one of your best Alphabet posts, in my opinion (:

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